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Taste and Trends of South Indian Hindu Weddings – Happy Beginnings!!!

Updated: May 25, 2023

Matches are made in heaven. Yes, it is literally true. Two people having different tastes, different opinions, different style get matched and plan to live together forever and ever. Thus, marriage is a commitment of two people to one another that unites their life. Across the world, there are different traditions for marriage. It is quite interesting to know them in detail.

Friends, today shall we go to attend a beautiful South Indian Hindu weddings ceremony?

In South India itself, the tradition of marriage differ from State to State. Here we will follow a Kerala Hindu Wedding Ceremony and its customs and trends.

Marriages are made in heaven; and when it comes to actual practice it should be performed in the most elegant and traditional way. There are so many customs and rituals which are indispensable for a marriage. Let’s go to the interesting and exciting rituals of a Kerala Hindu Wedding Ceremony.

The traditional Hindu wedding is basically simple but elegant in all its way of style. The bride is adorned with Pattu Saree and Jewelry. The bridegroom wears Dhoti and Shirt made of silk. 

New generation wedding has replaced some tradition and custom which was there in a typical Kerala wedding. But still, Kerala follows the basic style of ethnicity in the wedding rituals.

Kerala Hindu Wedding

Kerala Hindu Wedding

The Custom

The custom of Hindu wedding has secured a place in the hearts of many people across the world. The marriage ceremony is held at the bride’s home, temple or large auditorium. Firstly, the groom and his family members are welcomed by the bride’s family. The elder female members of the bride’s group will lit the ‘Ashtamangalya’ to receive the other party. As a part of tradition, lemons and garlands are placed on a ‘Thalam Thali’ made up of brass or bronze. Bride’s brother will sprinkle water taken in ‘Kindi’ at the feet of groom owing due respect to the groom. After that the groom and bride are invited to sit on the decorated marriage mandapam. The wedding Saree and Mangalsutra the bride has to wear is placed on ‘brass or bronze Thalam or Thali’ and the priests will conduct sacred poojas to Saree and Mangalsutra.

The marriage mandapam will be highly decorated with eye catchy objects. As a part of the rituals, ‘Nilavilakku’ is lit at the mandapam.  A filled ‘Nirapara’ depicts the prosperity of the function is placed near the Nilavilakku. The lighted Nilavilakku and Nirapara gives a warm welcome to everyone who attends the function and is a visual treat to the eyes. Nowadays, ‘Brass or Bronze Uruli’ is filled with water and lotus flowers is also presented on the mandapam which again enhances the prosperity and charm of the function. ‘Brass or Bronze idol of God Ganesh’ is placed in the mandapam which symbolically represents that all the obstacles will be removed by God Ganesh. 

The most important part of Hindu wedding ceremony is that the groom will tie Mangalsutra around the neck of the bride. After that he will apply Sindoor kept in metallic or wooden ‘Sindooracheppu’ on the forehead of the bride. Then the couples will exchange garlands to each other followed by kanyadanam where the bride’s father give the bride to the groom. 

There is a practice that, the bride’s mother will give the first gift to the bride. The gift includes set of Brass Thali Puja Set, Nilavilakku, Kindi, stand for placing Incense Sticks, etc’. After that the friends and relatives of both the couples can give their ‘Precious Gifts’ to the newly married ones. The rituals of Hindu marriage is marked by drinking sweet milk given in ‘brass or bronze glass’ by the couples given by their close relatives. This is followed by the grand feast, the taste of which is beyond words.

The traditional custom of Hindu marriage is that the ornaments of the bride is kept safely in ‘Amadapetti or Jewelry Box’ presented by her family.

The new life begins here with the blessings of everyone, which will last forever.

Weddings in Kerala has received much attention in glamour and style due to the design of the wedding decor and ambiance generated throughout the ceremony.

I hope everyone enjoyed from the beginning towards the end of the grand Hindu wedding ceremony.


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