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My Trip to Different Cultural & Heritage Zones in Kerala – Aranmula

Updated: May 25

I love to travel a lot. It brings me pleasure, refreshments, information and knowledge. The concept of travel dates back to antiquity and I prefer to travel for recreation, gathering information, religious pilgrimages, mission trips, business travel, trade, etc. Here, I want a space to share my traveling experience along with the beautiful artifacts and cultures associated with the places that I visited. I hope Everyone will enjoy travelling along with me. Come on friends for the treasure hunt.

Pathanamthitta District is situated in the Central Travancore region in the state of Kerala, India. Pathanamthitta is referred to as the Pilgrim Capital of Kerala. This referral induced a thought in me to plan a trip to Pathanamthitta; and to study “Why it is referred so?”. Indeed, I am very excited to share the experience with you all !!!!!

Pathanamthitta is located near the Western Ghats and is bordered by hills. Therefore, I felt the warmth of moderate climate throughout my journey. The Cultural & Heritage Zone of Pathanamthitta ranges from Sabarimala Temple, Maramon Convention, Padayani – Art form, Kerala Boat Race, Aranmula Mirror, PerunthenAruvi Waterfalls to Adavi and Gavi. The trip to these different zones proved that this place is blessed by nature for its scenic beauty, fairs and festivals. Literally, Pathanamthitta can be termed as the “HeadQuarters of Pilgrimage Tourism”.

Among the Cultural Zones that I listed above, I gathered the information that, “Aranmula Mirrors” is included in the list of geographical indications. The geographical indication is a tag used on certain products which corresponds to a specific geographical location or origin. This fact inspired me to learn more about Aranmula Mirror and its significance. I humbly share with you the vast collections to own an Aranmula mirror in your valuable assets.

Aranmula is located in Pathanamthitta District of the State of Kerala. It is situated on the banks of the Holy river Pamba. Aranmula is a model of the eco-friendly culture of Kerala due to its rich bio diversity. Aranmula is a Global Heritage site enlisted by the United Nations (U.N). Moreover, Aranmula mirror is manufactured from Aranmula and particularly they are produced by one extended family in Aranmula hailing from Tamil Nadu State.

Aranmula Mirrors are unique metal mirrors possessing great historical and cultural values and are thought to bring Good Luck, Prosperity & Wealth. Aranmula Mirror is famous for its unique construction methods and the uniqueness in the making process get patent protected with a geographical indication tag. Aranmula Mirror is a handmade metal mirror where the reflections from the upper surface of reflecting material, so only real image is captured. This mirror is made of metal and not Glass !!! The alloy of metal used in the construction process is kept as a family secret by the Viswakarma Artisans. It is said that, some undisclosed metals alloyed with Silver, Bronze, Copper and Tin are used in the making process. The technology used is in the most Traditional way. Aranmula Mirror is one among the 8 auspicious items in the Astamangalyam set, which is used for functions like Wedding. It can be considered as the most precious Gift items that can be given to your Kith and Kin.

I hope you will own our first treasure hunt ie, Aranmula Mirror / Aranmula Valkannadi by acknowledging its prime significance, beauty and elegance.

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