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What is the perfect remedy to get rid off architectural defects from home or office?

Updated: May 25

Vastu shastra remedy , Home is the Basic necessity of mankind. We spend most of our majority investment on making our own beautiful home or building. If they later experience any architectural or Vastu defect leads to unexpected hurdles in their life, here is the important of vedic science, The Vastu Shastra in their life. It rid off all errors and architectural defects.

Vastu shastra is the ancient Indian science of architecture to enhance material abundance and prosperity. The confluence of this shastra caries several scientific dogmas based on intricate findings, which when failed to comply, may bring various hurdles and tribulations in life.
Vastu Vilakku Lamp

Vastu Vilakku Lamp

Vastu Vilakku, a perfect vastu shastra remedy to home is intricately delineated upon the pillars of a secret mantra quoted in Peeta Puja. It is designed by the traditional vastu norms by visualizing the Panchabhootas, which is the basis of all cosmic creations. The lamp is molded such that the five elements would congregate towards a focal point radiating positive energy. The different parts of the lamp embody a greater meaning corresponding to Aadhara shakthi, Moola prakriti, Aadhi Koormam, Anantha Naaga and Prithvi. Anantha Naaga is believed to be carrying the earth is symbolized by a ‘Pavithra Kettu’ which is molded onto the top portion of the lamp.

The lamp is made in Panchaloha which is an alloy of five metals namely gold, silver, copper, tin, and iron which further adds more shrine to the sacredness of this lamp. The Tantric concepts developed by the ancient Acharyas that are into aggregated into this vastu shastra remedy lamp will surely open doors to well being and serenity to the residents, along with bringing a myriad fortunes wherever it is being kept.

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