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Uruli Decorative Bowl for Home Showpiece


Uruli Decorative Bowl showpiece online,  is a traditional vessel commonly used in Kerala. Its is also Pronounced as urli and popular in temples to prepare payasa for offerings. Urili is used to Prepare medicine in Ayurveda. It is an integral item in Vishu, Kerala new year to display Kani It is beleived that seeing Kani will bring prosperity whole year . Urli is a Kerala traditional Premium quality Brass vessel. In addition, Uruli ranges in size from very large to small ones. Very large Uruli can be used for cooking purpose and small one for decoration. Uruli can be dressed up with water and floating flower. This product is not used for cooking purpose only to decor your home, office and living room in a special way.

Uruli Traditional Brass Decorative Bowl for Home Showpiece

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