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Buy Hanging Lamp Kerala Traditional Brass Thooku Vilakku

Buy Hanging Lamp, Brass Thooku Vilakku used to Light during auspicious occasions in Hindus House shrines and before main entrance. As per Hindu believes Lighting up Thooku Vilakku is a symbol of prosperity and Happiness. Lighting of is a symbol of removing darkness of the soul and will get brightened by Light. Thooku Vilakku lit inside the temple shrine to increase the glow of idols, and is very popular in south Indian Temples, Ghee or sesame oil is the fuel to light the lamp. we have a large variety of products available online for purchase.

Metal Brass Kerala Traditional Thooku Vilakku – Oil Lamp for Temple

₹3,348.80 Regular Price
₹2,679.04Sale Price
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