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The Best Wedding & House Warming Gift (2 Inch) Shankhval Mirror Aranmula Kannadi


Shankhval Mirror Aranmula Kannadi : Heribay’s prestigious product “The Traditional Aranmula Kannadi”, . Unique metal mirrors made in Aranmula Kerala.It is a metal-alloy front surface reflection mirror which gets rid of secondary reflections and deviation of back surface mirrors. Thus One can see the real image of his/her own image through it. The mirror is purely hand made and strictly not with machines. The alloy used in the mirror is a mixture of tin and copper. The exact process or methods used in the making is only known to only one family in Aranmula which makes them unique.

Plays a vital role in the traditional Hindu marriage as one among the eight ‘Ashtamngalyas’. Also a precious Gift items to those who your loving one’s House warming, Birthday and Prize Memento. There is a belief that placing this mirror in the home will bring good luck and prosperity.

  • Original with hologram.
  • Brings Prosperity & Good Luck.
  • Metal Alloy Mirror, eliminates secondary reflection.
  • Best Gifted for Marriage, House warming, Corporate Gift Item and Special Gift for your special one.

Aranmula Kannadi Shankhval Mirror – The Best Wedding & House Warming Gift (2 Inc

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