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Peacock Oil Lamp Kerala Traditional Nilavilakku Brass.


Peacock Oil Lamp / Mayil Nilavilakku : Traditional Kerala Oil Nila Vilakku Lighting during sunset and sunrise is auspicious. Tradition is popular in Tamilnadu and Kerala. It is an essential in Poojas and ceremonies such as Marriage House Warming and inaugurations. Hindu Families lit the lamp in the morning and after the dusk. cotton wick socked in oil to lit, there are three ways to light the lamp the first one is to have single wick points towards east, second with two wicks in different directions finally with five wicks at five directions. Now in Offices,Home, Hotels and shops use Mayil Nilavilakku as decorative piece to have good ambiance.

Peacock Oil Lamp Kerala Traditional Nilavilakku Brass

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