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Kerala Mannar Otturuli | Handmade Bronze Uruli Cooking Vessel


Heribay presents Bronze Uruli which is a Kerala handmade cooking vessel of premium quality. Uruli can be used for various purposes like cooking vessel, for serving food items,etc. Kerala uruli cooking vessel is also used in Ayurveda for preparing medicines. Commonly used for cooking large scale chips items, Aviyal, Payasam and side dishes. One of the greatest specialty of this is heat stays on even after the flame is off for 10 to 15 minutes. Uruli (Bronze) is the metal alloy of Copper & Tin in special proportion.

Direction to use Uruli for the first time: Apply oil inside and outside of the uruli and repeat the process for at least three days. Otherwise fill the uruli with starch water for 12 hours a day ,drain it and repeat the process for next two days.

Caution: Don’t pour water into the uruli while the uruli is hot, otherwise subjected to damage.

  • Heating the vessel without pouring water may be damage the vessel

  • Heat may last long for 10 to 15 minutes once it properly heated.

  • 100% toxin free, healthy benefits of copper & zinc add on.

  • Bronze is a good thermal conductor, which equally distributes heat.

Kerala Mannar Otturuli | Handmade Bronze Uruli Cooking Vessel

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