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Buy Kolaambi Spittoon Bronze Rare Antique Piece

Antique Brass Kolaambi Spittoon

A vintage bronze receptacle pot with a funnel shaped top, used to spit into especially by pan and tobacco chewers. This was very common once in the past in most of the households. It has world wide usage seen in many countries. Now it becomes very popular decorative item in our home. Kolaambi is made up of  bronze and is very rare in the  market as this is no longer using to spit. Heribay has an extensive collection of rare antique items to sell online is a on stop online store.

Metal Bronze Kolaambi Spittoon Rare Antique Showpiece

SKU: HMVKI0000000
₹6,160.00 Regular Price
₹5,605.60Sale Price
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