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Bronze Appakara – Unniyappam Maker for Delicious Unniyappam, Healthy Daily Purpose


Unniyappam Maker : The World famous delicious snacks from Kerala. In Kottarakara Ganapathy, unniyappam is one of the famous Prasadham offered by devotees. Making of this appam is very easy and favorite for all age group. It is sweet and spongy. By making unniyappam in home with unniyappa chatti (vessel) made by Bronze has extra health benefit of metal bronze alloy like copper & tin. Best durable, Long lasting and thick kitchenware for daily use, after the usage wipe it with dry cotton. Browse for best quality kitchenware to prepare and taste your cuisine like never before.

Bronze Appakara – Unniyappam Maker for Delicious Unniyappam

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