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Kalasha Kumbham Kudam Lota Hindu Spiritual Pot Brass


Kalasha Kudam- This Kalasham is Brass made holy Pot filled with water and top circled with mango leaves and a coconut. This arrangement is know as purna kalasham/purna kumbham in Hindu culture. 108 Kalashaabhishekam is a special pooja performed in temples. Kalasham is filled with coins, grains, diamonds, gold or some valuable things instead of water. Purna kalasham is considered a symbol of prosperity and source of life in the Vedas. It is worshiped as a Mother Goddess or Goddess in all Hindu festivals related to marriage and childbirth. Explore our other collection copper kalashakumbam.

Kalasha Kumbham Kudam Hindu Spiritual Pot Brass

₹1,332.80 Regular Price
₹946.29Sale Price
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