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Dimensions : 7 × 7 × 30 cm

Brand : Heribay


Achappam Maker Brass Non Stick Snack Mould  (7cm) Diameter

Buy Brass Achappam Maker online : Achappam is traditional crunchy, mildly sweet and delicious deep fried snack of south India that is. It is made using a specially designed mold, Achappam maker to Prepare tasty achappam using rice flour, coconut milk sugar and eggs. Achappam is usually made on special occasions and festivals. It is a sweetener that both the elderly and children alike love. This achappam mould is made of Premium quality brass and is long lasting and safe. Shop for best non stick achappan maker or mold at lowest Price in India.

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Achappam Maker Brass Non Stick Snack Mould (7cm) Diameter

₹402.08 Regular Price
₹297.54Sale Price
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