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Bronze Thali Hand Made Food Serving Plate

Buy Bronze Thali :  A round platter for serving food and is healthy to eat in. Thali is generally made with steel or bronze. This plate is made of long lasting thick and hard Bronze, an alloy of copper. Hand made Bronze plate are made by experienced and skilled craftsmen in India. This product is valuable even after damage as bronze can easily recycled. It is highly durable, corrosion resistant and suitable for daily use. Heribay recognizes customer satisfaction is the prime aim hence we ensure our valued customer is provided with good quality products to meet their needs.

Handmade Bronze Plate Polished food Thali

₹1,915.20 Regular Price
₹1,359.79Sale Price
  • We deliver products anywhere in India. For outside India delivery, please contact 8893220050 or WhatsApp.

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