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Ayyappa Brass Idol in Sabarimala Posture


Ayyappa Brass Idol in Sabarimala Posture Online. Spritual Deity God Ayyappa Swami Idol Made in Brass Metal with Golden Finish. Ayyappa Is worshiped as a Hindu god popularly in south India. Lord Ayyappa born from the union of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu hence given the name Harihara Putra. Has also a name Manikanta believed to born to defeat demon Mahishi. The Most Famous Ayyapa situated at Shabarimala Ayyappa in a Yogic posture is worshiped there. This is a Similar Ayyappa Idol in Yogic posture made in quality Bronze. The Idol will help to improve the divinity in home and bring prosperous and positive Energy. It is also a well made crafted item to decorate your room and office.

Ayyappa Brass Idol Ayyappa in Yogic Posture Idol Gold Finish

₹19,756.80 Regular Price
₹14,027.33Sale Price
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