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Rare Kaal Monda Medium Size – Kerala Traditional Antique Pot

Antique Pot to store water, a rare Antique Kaal Monda Antique Bronze Kaal Monda Vessel Container Kaal Monda Vessel Container used to serve drinks generally tea and coffee in olden days. This was commonly used in houses two generations go in the most part of south India. Cup and glass tumbler is used to serve coffee in the present day that makes it hard to find this old item now.Coffee pitcher or container (Kaal Montha) was handmade of bronze in the past. Bronze is a hard metal alloy of copper with tin which is used to make kitchen utensils, figurines idol etc. Heribay offers you to decorate your home with rare valuable antique collectibles, it is hard to figure out its worth. A Souvenir that is kept as a reminder of our old ages and its presence cherish our home. Buy Antique Kaal Monda Vessel Decorative Show Piece Online at HeribayOnline India. Unique Piece of Metal Brass Water Pot, which Called Upon the Rich Traditional Culture

Rare Antique Kaal Monda Medium Size – Kerala Traditional Water Pot

₹2,800.00 Regular Price
₹2,240.00Sale Price
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